Drought Response

Southern California is entering its fifth consecutive dry year with major reservoir records at an all-time low. As residents of Southern California, it is imperative that we conserve our water supplies because of the possible reality that drought conditions may persist into the next rainy season. Regardless of this possibility becoming a reality, there is one truth – we need to conserve water NOW.

For Residents:

For Water Providers:

Central Basin is working with purveyors in the service area to provide printed collaterals with conservation messaging.  The District understands that each water provider has unique communication needs and for this reason, Central Basin has focused on making the materials customizable.  Below are samples of collaterals that have been produced; if you would like to request a copy or a specific material, please contact Priscilla Segura, Public Information Officer, via phone at 323-201-5504 or email at priscillas@centralbasin.org.