Central Basin Seats Directors Appointed by Purveyors

Central Basin Seats Directors Appointed by Purveyors
Posted on 02/23/2017

For Immediate Release
Date: 2/23/2017
Contact: Priscilla Segura
Phone: (323) 201 - 5504


Commerce, CA – After months of collaboration and commitment to implementing good government reforms, the Central Basin Municipal Water District has seated three new Board Members selected by the purveyors in the service area. The now eight-member board includes William Gedney, Mark Grajeda and John Oskoui.

Directors Gedney, Grajeda and Oskoui bring over 100 years of experience, providing the District with additional technical and water industry expertise. Director Gedney currently serves as Vice President for Environmental Quality for Golden State Water Company; Director Grajeda serves as the General Manager for the Pico Water District; and Director Oskoui serves as Assistant City Manager for Downey.

The expansion of the District’s Board structure is part of Assembly Bill (AB) 1794, authored by Assembly Member Cristina Garcia.  The bill also required two of the appointed directors to hold a one-two year term and the third director to hold a one four-year term. Directors Grajeda and Gedney will serve two-year terms and Director Oskoui will serve a four-year term.

Throughout the process, Central Basin has worked cooperatively and collaboratively with the Legislature and the purveyor community to move the District forward and provide the highest level of service to the 1.7 million residents in our service area.

As part of the District’s commitment to good government and partnership with our purveyors, Central Basin hosted 14 purveyor workshops to discuss critical water issues, the District’s progress on good government reform, and the implementation of the legislation and companion Senate Bill (SB) 953. Authored by Ricardo Lara, SB 953 codifies contract management policies the District currently has in place.

Specifically, when AB 1794 was signed into law, the District worked in partnership with the retail water agencies and the bill’s author to discuss the guidelines for the appointment process and to ensure the process was in accordance with the law.


Central Basin is a public agency that wholesales imported water to cities, mutual water companies, investor-owned utilities and private companies in southeast Los Angeles County, serving a population of nearly 1.7 million people. In addition, Central Basin provides the region with recycled water for municipal, commercial and industrial uses. Formed in 1952, Central Basin is committed to ensuring a safe and reliable water supply for the region.



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