Central Basin Hosts Workshop on California WaterFix

Central Basin Hosts Workshop on California WaterFix
Posted on 08/24/2017
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Commerce, CA – The Central Basin Municipal Water District hosted a workshop to discuss the California WaterFix, a project that aims at improving the infrastructure that brings imported water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta to Southern California. The cities and communities in Southeast Los Angeles County, which Central Basin serves, obtain their drinking water from two sources, groundwater and imported water.

The workshop featured presentations from project proponents and opponents, as well as information on the impact to the communities and cities in Southeast Los Angeles.

Restore the Delta presented concerns over the project and alternatives, while Metropolitan Water District discussed the project details and benefits.

Based in Stockton, Restore the Delta expressed several concerns over the construction of the California WaterFix:

  • Loss of fisheries due to the construction of the project
  • Impact to environment by contaminants and algae blooms 
  • Affordability of project for communities taking water from the Delta

The Metropolitan Water District addressed concerns and provided insight on the value of the project:

  • Protection of fish with the addition of three new intakes that would prevent fish from being wedged on screens
  • Restoration of the habitat and ecosystem
  • Distribution of cost to be split among agencies receiving water from the Delta; for Southern California households, cost would range between $1.90 to $3.10 per month

While Restore the Delta presented alternative local projects such as expanding recycled water and desalination, Metropolitan Water District explained that the cost of local projects would exceed the cost of the California WaterFix.

Because the California Water Fix is a key statewide water issue, Central Basin is committed to keeping constituents informed. In November 2016, the District hosted a meeting to provide our community an overview of the project and in January 2017, the District hosted another panel discussion with Metropolitan Water District, Restore the Delta and the Sierra Club.

The Central Basin Board of Directors are scheduled to vote on the project at the regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting on Monday, August 28th at 10:00 am.




Central Basin is a public agency that wholesales imported water to cities, mutual water companies, investor-owned utilities and private companies in southeast Los Angeles County, serving a population of 1.7 million. In addition, Central Basin provides the region with recycled water for municipal, commercial and industrial uses. Formed in 1952, Central Basin is committed to ensuring a safe and reliable water supply for the region.

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