Treasury Management

Investment Policy

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The District’s Investment Policy, created in compliance with California Government Code, Section 53600, outlines the guidelines and practices used in managing the District’s available cash and investment portfolio.  In addition to maintaining consistency with the legal investment authority established by the California Government Code, the District, like most other government agencies, has established three investment objectives: (1) Safety of Principal, (2) Protection of Liquidity, and (3) Return on Investment.  In practice, the investment objectives translate into conservative treasury practices that seek to protect District assets from loss. 

Monthly Investment Report

The Investment Policy -- reviewed and approved at least annually by the Central Basin Board of Directors – stipulates that the District’s Treasurer/Finance Director publish a monthly report to the Board of Directors, “indicating the types of investment by fund, institution, date of maturity, and amount of deposit, and shall provide the current market value of all securities with a maturity of more than 12 months, rates of interest, and expected yield to maturity.”

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