State Technology Agency Honors Central Basin

State Technology Agency Honors Central Basin
Posted on 11/30/2017
State Technology

Commerce, CA – In an age where information technology is the key driver of both communications and organizational efficiency, Central Basin Municipal Water District has been recognized for excellence in information technology. The Municipal Information Systems Association of California (MISAC) recognized Central Basin with the Award for Excellence in IT Practices, the highest level of recognition for local governments.

“Information technology plays a prominent role in all of our operations,” said Central Basin Board President Robert Apodaca. “By ensuring that we are exceeding the industry standards, we also ensure that our constituents will receive the highest level of service.”

MISAC recognizes agencies that have demonstrated commendable performance in various areas in relation to IT practices. These areas include strategic planning and budget, operations, policies and procedures and geographic information systems.

“It’s really hard for a small district to do everything that the larger districts do where they have a lot more resources,” said Mitch Cochran, who serves as the MISAC award committee chair. “The industry standards are the same, they don’t change whether you’re large or small [agency]. It’s incredible that small agencies are able to perform at the same high level.”

For over one decade, Central Basin has been recognized for its information technology efforts. MISAC offers five recognition programs.

The Award for Achievement in Information Technology Practices is a rigorous and competitive process. Each entry is evaluated by a panel of three Information Technology professionals who rate the applications against several categories such as security, operations and management. The award program is updated every year to incorporate new standards and best practices.

Founded in 1980, MISAC supports local government agencies by promoting leadership and providing access to low-cost, necessary education for Information Technology departments in California.

Central Basin is a public agency that wholesales imported water to cities, mutual water companies, investor-owned utilities and private companies in southeast Los Angeles County, serving a population of 1.7 million. In addition, Central Basin provides the region with recycled water for municipal, commercial and industrial uses. Formed in 1952, Central Basin is committed to ensuring a safe and reliable water supply for the region.

State Technology Agency Honors Central Basin