Water Resources Manager

Tammy Hierlihy currently serves as Manager of the Water Resources Department. As Manager, Tammy's position encompasses all aspects of the District's imported water supply, while serving as a liaison between its retail agencies and the Metropolitan Water District to ensure reliability. She and department staff are responsible for development of the District's 2015 Urban Water Management Plan, water use reporting, implementation of water resource programs, Integrated Regional Water Management Planning, and Policy Analysis. Major initiatives adopted by the Board include the Water Supply Allocation Plan and Tiered Water Use Budgets. Her experience includes water resources planning, stakeholder engagement, community outreach and administration.

Tammy joined the District in January 2007 as part of the Public Affairs Department. She implemented the District's first Central MWD Caucus, in partnership with other public agencies to engage stakeholders on key water issues. In July 2009, she supported and enhanced the District's presence by expanding programs and online platforms to inspire increased water conservation efforts. In September 2013, she assumed activities of the Water Resources department, while managing stakeholder outreach under Public Affairs. She was named Water Resources Manager in July 2015.

Prior to joining Central Basin, in January 2001, she worked for United Water Services, a subsidiary of SUEZ Environment. Through a Public/Private Partnership with West Basin MWD, United Water staff performed daily operations and maintenance of the Edward C. Little Recycling Facility, located in El Segundo. She was responsible for administrative duties, including human resources management.