The Diva of Drought

It's here. La Niña that is.  How does it differ from El Niño? Read More

Under the bridge and through the comes our recycled water pipeline!

Check out this great pic of our purple pipe being installed under the Rio Hondo Bridge, which connects the cities of Pico Rivera and Montebello. This 30" diameter pipe is part of Central Basin's Southeast Water Reliability Project. Once complete, it will bring recycled water to new communities in southeast LA County for landscape irrigation and industrial use. Read More

Unexpected surplus means new decisions for MWD

In more drought news, the Whittier Daily News ran this story in Sunday's paper as a  follow-up to their recent op-ed. With Southern California now receiving 50% of its normal allocation from the State Water Project, and with above average rainfall reported for the year, the Metropolitan Water District will now have an unexpected s Read More

MWD Responds: What's the Truth About California's Drought?

Last week, the Whittier Daily News called us out. More specifically, they urged the Governor, the Metropolitan Water District and all of its member agencies to "tell the truth about the drought." If California has had above-average rainfall, they asked, then why the need to conserve? If our water shortage depends on more than just rain, they pleaded, then let the people know. Read More

Congratulations to 1st Place Winner Christine Kim!

This year, sixth-grader Christine Kim from Stowers Elementary School in Cerritos, submitted the winning poster for the annual "Water is Life" Poster Contest. Read More

Timing All Wrong for 2010 Water Bond

After spending most of 2009 advocating for a comprehensive overhaul of the state's water system, this week the Governor announced his proposal to push the $11 billion Water Bond off the November 2010 ballot, postponing the vote until 2012. While Sacramento's inner circles anticipated this move for months, the announcement is still making waves in the water world this week. Read More

Mapping LA - A valuable resource for water providers

In regional news: As part of the paper's "Mapping LA" project, the LA Times today launched it's online neighborhood map of Los Angeles County. Click on any one of the 16 regions--which zooms in on 158 cities and 114 neighborhoods--to find out everything from income levels to ancestry and immigration, schools and local news. Read More

Central Basin Thanks the LA Conservation Corps for a Job Well Done!

This week Central Basin hosted a Thank-You Lunch for the hardworking and talented youth of the Los Angeles Conservation Corps. Our Directors and staff enjoyed dining with the corps members who single-handedly transformed the District's water-thirsty landscape into a beautiful drought-tolerant one. Once again, from all of us at Central Basin, thank you for a a job well done! Read More

WateReuse Foundation Changes Name, Emphasis on "Research"

The WateReuse Foundation announced this week that they will officially be changing their name to the "WateReuse Research Foundation." The change is explained in the press release: "The Foundation’s Board of Directors inserted the word “Research” in the name of the organization to more accurately describe the work of the Foundation." Read More

Inside Scoop! The REAL Story of Water

We loved this creative short film, and thought it was perfect for Water Awareness Month. It explains the human impact on our earth, which doesn't make for a very pretty picture. Read More

Water Awareness Month Brings in a Tidal Wave of Great Programs!

May is Water Awareness Month, and here at Central Basin, we're celebrating H2O in a million different ways! Read More

Traveling Art Exhibit

Winners of the “Water is Life” Poster Contest on display at Central Basin's Headquarters!   This program is a partnership between the Metropolitan Water District and its member agencies, providing students grades K-12 throughought Southern California with an opportunity to showcase artistic talents as they express how water should be used wisely.   The Central Basin student contest winner is proudly highlighted at the end of the slide show.  Be sure to visit our  Read More

Central Basin Leads the Way for Social Media

Central Basin is presenting at the Interactive Social Media Workshop at Ace 10, "The World's Water Event," being held in Chicago, June 20-24. In the spirit of social media, tell us what topics you think are important to cover in the comments section! Read More

Our garden is complete!

This month, the Los Angeles Conservation Corps finished the landscaping at Central Basin headquarters. From spreading 80 cubic feet of mulch to planting California-native plants, they’ve transformed our constantly thirsty garden into a drought-friendly one! If you know a professional landscaper, our upcoming free workshops can train them on how to make their gardens California-friendly, too. Check it out here! Below, Lisa, Chris, and Al enjoy our new landscape. Read More

The Delta Dilemma Continues

Last week, the National Academy of Sciences released their long-awaited report on the Delta. Read More

A Splash of Color Arrives for Spring

Recent Southern California rains have cleared for now, leaving behind magnificent wildflowers at Diamond Valley Lake. Read More

Cash 4 Appliances means HUGE rebates on energy-efficient appliances

April 22 marks the start of the Cash 4 Appliances Program, part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The California Energy Commission has allocated $35.2 million towards rebates on energy-saving appliances. Read More