Adapting to Climate Change

Recently, a group of scientists gathered together to share findings on the importance of groundwater supplies and how it is key to coping with Read More

Student Artist Gives Back

We were excited to recently discover the winner of this year's 2011 Water Is Life Poster contest , Anna Resnick, established a non-profit organization called "Arts2Cure", which promotes interest in Read More

Hoover Power Allocation Act to the White House

Earlier this week, Congress passed the Hoover Power Allocation Act of 2011. Read More

PUC holds hearings to investigate Golden State Water Company's rate increases

This week, the California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) held a public hearing in Carson for Golden State Water Company ratepayers to voice their concerns regarding the retailer's current and future water rates. Many of the residents in attendance Monday were the same ratepayers who came to our board meeting several months ago asking for our help with this issue.  While Central Basi Read More

The California Water World Visits Anaheim

You might not think that a meeting of California water officials means much to you, but last week in Anaheim some very important topics were discussed. Read More

Califonia Has Plenty of Water-For Now

Let's just say it! California has lots of water right now, even before the rainy season really gets going. Read More

Congress Can't Agree-We Have An Idea

Like many of you, we have watched with disappointment while Congress is unable to agree on a federal budget deficit program. Read More

The California Water Crisis: Just How Serious Is It?

Did you know about the California water crisis? Population growth is high in California and the aging infrastructure and issues arising from climate change are generating fears about how to keep fresh water flowing. Read More

You Recycle Everything Else, But Do You Recycle Water?

Did you know water can be recycled, just like soda cans and plastic bottles? Read More

20 Great Water-Saving Tips

In the kitchen: 1.) When washing dishes by hand, fill the sink with enough soapy water to wash all of the dishes, and do not let the H2O run while washing. Rinse under a thin stream of H2O. 2.) You can save up to 1,000 gallons a month by running the dishwasher and washing machine only when full. Read More

Central Basin Holds Ratepayer Protection Meeting

It was a busy day here at Central Basin, starting with a 9am Ratepayer Protection Meeting where residents from the City of Bell returned to the District's office after seeking out our help two weeks ago, to discuss their concerns about Golden State Water Company's high rates. Joining them were Central Basin's Board President and Vice President, General Manager, several senior managers and the District's government representative an Read More

What Is A Watershed, Anyway, and How Does It Affect You?

A watershed is also known as a water basin, or a catchment. Each watershed is separated from other basins by hills, mountains, or ridges and forms a funnel whereby water is drained down the sides toward a single point. Correctly managing a watershed is crucial to the long-term survival of California's natural vegetation and beauty. Read More

From the Los Angeles Times:

For the Record September 29, 2011 Central Basin: An article in the Sept. 14 LATExtra section about Google News delisting a website that had published stories "written in the image of real news" paid for by the Central Basin Municipal Water District incorrectly stated that the agency contracted with the website,, to create the promotional stories. Read More

Letter to the Los Angeles Times Editor

September 14, 2011 Los Angeles Times 202 W. 1st Street Los Angeles, CA 90012 RE: “Water district taps Google for good coverage,” and “Google News cuts link to news website,” Sept. 13 and 14 Dear Editor: While Central Basin Municipal Water District always appreciates coverage from a respected news source, we prefer it when they actually get their facts right. Read More