The Meaning Behind the Arrows

It's a question we get asked more than you'd think: What does the Central Basin logo mean? This week, new CB employees were asked this very question in a friendly challenge. No surprise here, studied staffers raced to be the first to answer. For those of you who might not know, here's the meaning behind the arrows: Central Basin was formed in 1952, but it wasn't until a few years later, when The District realized the need to not just manage area groundwater but also supplement local supplies with other sources, that the logo we know today was adopted. Read More

DWR News for CUWCC Group 1 Members

Here, Toby Roy from the San Diego County Water Authority provides some important updates that all CUWCC water agencies should know about the State Model Landscape Ordinance DWR recently released for public comment: Read More

Saving Rain for a "Sunny Day"

You've heard it before: Despite recent showers, Californians have a long way to go before we're out of the woods in regards to last year's water woes. This means conservation is key, especially on rainy days. Read More

CUWCC Group 1 Members Join the Water Cooler

Central Basin invites water agencies that are members of the California Urban Water Conservation Council (CUWCC) to contribute regularly to the Water Cooler. Read More

Is California Still in a Drought?

With sporadic showers, we begin to wonder if the drought is over. Dave Hill, our Water Resources & Planning Manager, can tell you from experience it's not. Not only does he see first-hand the breaking facts and figures relating to our state water levels, but in the past few months, he's witnessed the local interest in our recycled water program dramatically increase. Here, he provides some insights on the popular question: ______________________________________ Is California Still in a Drought? Read More

Take a Look at the San Gabriel Canyon Dams

Here is an interesting news clip on the LA County dam system sent to me by our friends at the LA County Department of Public Works. With recent rains, KTLA Channel 5 looks at where our local supplies are stored. The report features the large San Gabriel Canyon Dams, which are owned and operated by LADPW. (Video behind the cut) [stream flv=x:/  /] Read More

A Few Words on MWD's Water Allocation Plan

Recently, Central Basin's General Manager and Deputy GM returned from Sacramento, where they met with key representatives to share Central Basin's concerns with Metropolitan Water District's proposed Water Allocation Plan for Southern California. Read More

Water is Project of Choice for Local High School Senior

At last week's Board Meeting, the Central Basin Board of Directors welcomed Porcha Ballard, a senior from Santa Fe High School who has chosen to study the exciting Southern California water industry for her Senior Project. Read More

Local Congresswoman Takes Our Water Crisis to Washington

This week, one of our local Congresswomen, Rep. Grace Napolitano, (D-Santa Fe Springs), held a hearing in Washington to look at how Southern California can begin decreasing its dependency on the Bay Delta. The General Manager of the Metropolitan Water District, Jeff Kightlinger, was one of several panelists representing the California water industry. Read More

Welcome to the Water Cooler!

A few years ago, I don’t think many people in the water industry, myself included, imagined we would be venturing into the world of blogging to provide reliable, up-to-the-minute water news and information. However, with changing times comes new and improved ways to reach our growing community—a community that is increasingly found online. Read More

Central Basin’s New Headquarters: A Sneak Peak

With the last few chairs being set into place and all the microphones checked, we are finally ready to show off our new Commerce Headquarters. For those of you who won’t be able to join us for our first Board Meeting of the year today at 1pm, here is a sneak peak of our new place: (photographs behind the cut) Read More

MWD CRA/Hoover Inspection Tour

As a member agency of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Central Basin works with MWD each year to co-host "Educational Inspection Trips." For years, these tours have been a hit within our communities, drawing residents, business owners and civic leaders interested in learning about where the water comes from. After attending, many people tell us that the information gained has helped them become better "Water Ambassadors" in their community; empowering them to teach others about the importance of conservation. Read More

Are (Recycled) Water-Fueled Cars on the Horizon?

Here’s an interesting news clip that crossed my inbox: A welder in Clearwater, FL, is using water to power everything from his blowtorch to a small SUV. With patents pending for this new technology, he has deals in the works with the U.S. Government (for a Hummer that uses water as fuel) and with an American car company for a new, water-guzzling hybrid. Read More