Upcoming Gardening Workshop in Whittier

Central Basin is gearing up for our H.E.L.P. Landscape Workshop in Whittier on March 20. The workshop will include great information on water-saving landscape practices and how to integrate California-friendly plants into your garden. Read More

Rain, Rain, Please Don't Go Away!

While mudslides and traffic have plagued local communities during the recent heavy rains, the Southern California water community is hoping for more. It’s hard to believe that our state is still thirsty, with the snow-packed mountains and seemingly endless showers. Read More

Metropolitan Water District Supports $11.14 Billion Water Bond

This week, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California voted unanimously to support the statewide water bond that will be brought to voters on November 2. Read More

Local Residents Learn about the Southeast Water Reliability Project (SWRP) At Recent Open-House

Last week, Central Basin wrapped up its second open house event for the Southeast Water Reliability Project (SWRP), a regional recycled water project that will extend the District's current system into southeast LA County. During the two-hour events, residents from across the area stopped by to meet the project team and learn about the project's long-term, water-saving benefits. Read More

New Year, New Garden!

As promised, we’re keeping you updated on progress on our new landscaping here at Central Basin headquarters. Right now, our garden is a little bare, but we’re excited for it to soon be filled with California-friendly, drought-resistant plants. Read More

California on the national stage

The Golden State takes the national spotlight this Sunday, December 27, as Lesley Stahl reports on California's water crisis on 60 Minutes. She’s interviewed Governor Schwarzenegger, farmers, and various water agencies throughout the state, according to KMJ News Talk Radio, and the message is that our drought has the potential to affect all Americans-- in the form of higher prices at the grocery store and fewer choices in what we buy. Read More

Department of Water Resources estimates record-low water allocations

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) says we must “prepare now” for a dry 2010, allocating only 5% of total contracted water deliveries to State Water Project (SWP) contractors. Read More

Cleaning up the LA River

Recently, a $10 million grant from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) was approved to help clean up the LA River, and last week, the Los Angeles Gateway Authority took the first major step in helping cities do their part to help stop the pollution. Read More

Pico Rivera prepares for exciting new infrastructure

Central Basin's Southeast Water Reliability Project (SWRP) was covered in today’s Whittier Daily News. Read More

An adventure not to be missed

In California, we know all too well what a drought feels like, but did you know that experts anticipate water shortages to affect more than 40% of the world population by 2050? Read More

“A Historic Agreement”: Delta Bill package hailed by Governor and Legislators

After an all-night legislative session last week, the much-anticipated Delta Bill package emerged Wednesday. Governor Schwarzenegger promised to sign the five bills into law, praising the package that finally overhauls California’s antiquated water system. Read More

US Water Usage at Lowest Rate Since the 1950's

A new study released by the U.S. Geological Survey finds that per capita water usage is at a record low. This decrease is thanks to new water-saving technologies and renewed conservation efforts across the nation, according to an Associated Press report. Read More

Complexities Continue

Intense activity continues in the legislature as the Senate and Assembly move closer to a water deal.  Discussions will continue into next week, with a possible vote. Legislation introduced by Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg addresses policy proposal on water conservation, groundwater reporting and water rights enforcement. Separate water bond proposals were introduced by Democrats and Republicans earlier this week: Read More

Moving closer to water deal

News from Sacramento continues to report some progress on a water agreement, with some anticipation of votes in the Legislature next week, according to an update from Capitol Weekly. Compromise is close with issues that include areas of origin, which refers to the transportation of water from northern to southern California, along with legal definitions of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. A Mercury News report charts many of the remaining policy disagreements. Read More

Scheduled Hearings for Delta Legislation

The Assembly informational hearing on the 2009 Delta Water Legislation is now tentatively scheduled for Monday, October 26, 2009.  The Senate Natural Resources & Water Committee is still considering whether to proceed on its own with a hearing tomorrow, October 21.  Next week's hearing most likely will include both the Senate and Assembly. Read More

Plans for Sustainability Institute

Officials have currently been discussing possible solutions for energy and water conservation plans in the surrounding area of Diamond Valley Lake. The current consideration is to build a 400-acre solar farm in which the revenue would fund the production of an international institute bringing together intelligent minds throughout the world to devise solutions relating to water and energy. Read More

Details of Delta Bill Package to be released this week

Governor Schwarzenegger and legislators have been meeting behind closed doors for the last several weeks to reconcile economic and policy differences over the Delta, but this week, more information is being made public. Read More