Bell Gardens: The Model for Healthy Living

All eyes are on Bell Gardens as the new “it” city for healthy living.  Market Wire recently highlighted the city council’s decision to implement a healthy vending policy in city-owned youth parks and recreation centers.  This is a forward thinking step that could help in positively changing eating patterns. Read More

Attention Homeowners: Go Green To Save Green!

There are not many places where you can enjoy a dip in the ocean in the morning and then enjoy your afternoon skiing on the slopes. We Southern Californians are indeed lucky to enjoy the amenities of living in the Golden State. Another benefit of living in Southern California are the California Friendly landscapes that homeowners can place on their property.  These landscapes are low maintenance and can add tremendous beauty to a home. Read More

Summer Water Savings

Featured in today’s Downey Patriot is a great article on how important it is to conserve water. The article also emphasizes the tremendous opportunity to save money on water bills by turning down the tap on lawns.  Read More

All this water and nowhere to go…

Out of the ordinary would be an understatement if you were asked to comment on the amount of rain the Golden State has received this year. Read More

Delta Stewardship Council Visits Central Basin

This past week we were honored to have Delta Stewardship Council Executive Officer Joe Grindstaff serve as the keynote speaker for our monthly caucus. Over 60 community leaders attending the meeting where Mr. Grindstaff provided up update on the work the Delta Stewardship Council is doing. Read More

Congratulations to our 2011 Water Awareness Month Poster Contest Winner!

Anna Resnick  from the City of Cerritos is the winner of the 2011 "Water Awareness Month Poster Contest". Read More

Hello Summer!

Summer is finally here and here at Central Basin we couldn’t be more excited! After a very interesting six months of weather for California, we are looking forward to some sun. One of our favorite ways to enjoy the beauty of Southern California is to check out our region’s California Friendly Gardens. Read More

Straight from Space: Groundwater Levels are Dropping

Great piece in the New York Times this week about how the earth's depleting groundwater can be detected from space. From the article: Read More

Water Awareness Month "May" be over, but June is all about water conservation!

While the Month of May is California's official Water Awareness Month, Central Basin is ramping up its conservation programs in June to inspire water smart living through the summer! Don't let the recent rain that we've seen fool you; water conservation all year round is the key to ensuring that our water supplies are protected for future use, even during "wet" years. Read More

Local Schools Make their Mark at Solar Cup 2011

Local students achieved great success at this year's Solar Cup! Read More

Secretary Salazar: "Water is the lifeblood of our communities"

In more climate change news: this week, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar released a report prepared by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation announcing the dire impacts of climate change on the nation's limited water resources. Read More

Too Much Water In California?

It's hard to believe but in some parts of California, there is actually too much water from this winter's storms. The Water Resources and Planning Manager for Central Basin, David Hill, told a group of water experts last week that the inability to store water has cost the state about 2 million acre-feet of water this winter. The water just wound up flowing into rivers, to the San Francisco Bay, through the Golden Gate and into the Pacific Ocean. To put that in perspective, that is more than six times the amount of imported water that Central Basin's residents use in one year! Read More

Water Storage Is Really A Big Deal

There has been a lot of news coverage this week on the issue of water conservation and groundwater management, which is a good thing.  Despite the official end to the California drought, many California policy makers and journalists have been rightfully reminding us about the importance of good planning and conservation of our water. Read More

Love your Groundwater

We weren't making things up!  We told you groundwater is important, especially after an earthquake.  Check out the article, Japan Earthquake a Reminder About Importance Of Groundwater Protection, published on Monday. Read More

Governor Brown To Declare An End To The Drought

Governor Brown is going to say on Wednesday what most of us who live in California figured out about a month ago, that the drought in the state is over. Then-Governor Schwarzenegger declared a drought emergency two years ago when California was suffering the effects from a three year drought. Read More