September MWD Caucus Highlights Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing is becoming one of the most talked about subjects in terms of natural resources and this month participants attending the Central MWD Caucus had the opportunity to learn more about its process and its impact on local water resources. Read More

The Longest Straw

Ever wonder what it would be like to backpack over the entire Los Angeles Aqueduct? Film director, Samantha Bode and her crew will be hiking the over 200 miles that make up the aqueduct; that’s the same walking distance from London to Paris!  Catch the 60-day journey on The Longest Straw. Read More

Rotate To a Green Garden

Flooded sidewalks can be a thing of the past.  Rotating sprinkler nozzles are becoming garden expert’s new favorite gadget because it eliminates runoff and uses 20% less water than its traditional counterpart.  The best part of these water efficient devices, there’s a rebate. Read More

August Central MWD Caucus Highlights Water Regulations and Restoration of the LA River

Severe dry conditions have led to a greater emphasis on the preservation of water resources. Two of the most recent topics include outdoor water regulations and the restoration of the LA River. Stakeholders attending the Central MWD Caucus were briefed on these two timely topics. Read More

July is Smart Irrigation Month

It’s no secret that during hot summer days, water demand rises.  To raise awareness on the importance of efficient water use outdoors, the National Irrigation Association promotes July as Smart Irrigation Month.  Read More

State Water Board Enacts Fines for Excessive Outdoor Water Use

Keep a close eye on your outdoor watering habits, it can now cost you up to $500 per day.  The State Water Resources Control Board approved emergency regulations that allow officials to fine residents for using excessive water outdoors. The unprecedented action taken on Tuesday, comes after study results indicate that water use has increased by 1%.  Early January, Governor Brown asked for a voluntary water reduction of 20% and despite this call, water use has increased. Read More

Water Bond Discussions on Hold

Earlier this week, Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins announced that further discussions on proposing a 2014 water bond have been placed on hold before lawmakers go on the summer recess.  Several proposals are currently being considered to replace the existing $11.14 b Read More

Celebrating Student Artists

The 2014 Water Is Life Traveling Art Show was recently on display at the District’s headquarters. Read More

Revitalizing the Los Angeles River

[caption id="attachment_3312" align="alignright" width="270"] photo: courtesy of[/caption] Read More

Boosted Incentives for Recycled Water

Beginning July 1, 2014, new opportunities will be available to convert water usage to recycled water. As part of the Metropolitan Water District’s Local Resources Program, an On-site Retrofit Pilot Program will be available to offer financial assistance for construction costs, permitting and more. Read More

Water Inspection Trips

Thank you to everyone who attended the water aqueduct inspection trips this year!  We are at the end of the season and will be kicking off the trips again in the fall. Read More

Local College Offers Environmental Education Courses

Rio Hondo College, located in Whittier, offers a comprehensive Environmental Science Program.  Since 2007, the program has offered opportunities for students to pursue environmental careers in a variety of specialties.  Students can graduate with the tools needed to either transfer to bachelor Read More

Fire Resistant Plants

Preparing a safe plan in the event of a wildfire is important for Californian's. The County of Los Angeles has many tools and resources available that can help us respond safely to fires that may occur close to our homes.  One in particular is a Read More

Congressional Student Art Competition Scores Big

This year marks the 21st Annual Lucille Roybal-Allard Student Art Competition. Within the 40th Congressional District, a total of 131 art pieces were submitted from high school students located throughout southeast Los Angeles County.  The top five finalists were students from Downey, Paramount, Bell Gardens and Bell High Schools.  Click here to view the 21st Annual Student Art Competition winning entries. Read More

Creativity Flows in Student Artwork

Elementary and Middle school students are encouraged to submit artwork demonstrating different ways to conserve water. Read More

Recycled Water Conserves Drinking Water

Public acceptance with recycled water continues to increase, due in part with a growing trend for landscape irrigation and other commercial uses.  A recent article in the Sacramento Bee covers how recycled water is viewed as an alternative to ease our state’s d Read More

A Pulse Flow To Restore The Colorado River Delta

Since the 1960’s, the Colorado River used to be known as the longest and largest river that never flowed to the ocean – not anymore.  As a result of an agreement between the United States and Mexico in November 2013, plans to release more than 100,000 acre-feet of water have been years in the making. Read More

Central Basin Kick’s Off Earth Day Activities

Spring has arrived with Earth Day celebrations happening all around us!  Celebrated annually, Earth Day occurs on April 22 with events held all over the world to demonstrate support in  protecting our environment. Read More

World Water Day

World Water Day was established at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in 1992. Held annually on March 22, specific aspects surrounding our most precious resource of water is highlighted. Read More

Arbor Day: Celebrating Environmental Benefits of Trees

Arbor Day is dedicated to increasing awareness of the many benefits trees provide as natural resources. Read More