Water for Today, Water for Tomorrow: A Conversation on Investments in California Water

Southern California obtains half of its water supplies from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta via the State Water Project. The infrastructure that brings water from the Delta into our homes is facing challenges that could threaten our access to this supply of water. To address the challenges and secure water for tomorrow, the Department of Water Resources is proposing the California Water Fix.

The Southern California Water Committee and Central Basin teamed up to bring a panel to discuss the CA WaterFix. The panel consisted of Jeff Kightlinger, Metropolitan Water District General Manager; Paul Jones, Eastern Municipal Water District General Manager; and Paul Cook, Irvine Ranch Water District General Manager. 

Key highlights from the panel discussion were:

  • Benefits of the project
    • Drought preparedness
    • Supply for replenishment
    • Upgraded infrastructure
  • Cost
    • $3/month for households from communities that take imported water
    • $17 billion total project cost

For more information on the California WaterFix, visit https://www.californiawaterfix.com/