DIY Gardening Toolkit

The number of do-it-yourselfers is steadily increasing and that’s in part thanks to rise of social media.  The DIY projects range from arts and crafts, and home décor to landscaping and upgrading furniture.  Plantable is a new and great resource for every DIY-er interested in gardening. The website and iOs application, provides visitors with several fast and easy gardening crafts. 

Plantable goes by the motto “a garden is a friend you can visit any time.” And with that mentality, the website provides a series of projects that homeowners can do at any time of the week.  Take for instance, the idea of hosting a “plantacular succulent garden party.”  In this activity, the host purchases succulents, pots, pebbles and soil.  In between conversations and appetizers, the guests decorate the pots with the materials—and voila, you have a succulent party.

Another engaging activity suggested by Plantable is the edible garden.  Users are given step-by-step instructions on the harvesting process.  Users who try this activity will understand the practicality and benefit of growing herbs, fruit, vegetables and edible flowers.

Plantable also features information on water-efficient gardening.  Users are encouraged to use drought tolerant plants (such as: smoke tree, yarrow and the California poppy) mulch and water wise irrigation systems.

For more information on Plantable, visit and for more information on water-wise gardening, visit