Have You Taken the California Challenge?

There’s a new trend among online users that is bringing out the water activist in everyone.  Next 10, an organization focused on raising awareness on critical California issues, started the California Water Challenge to encourage users to look into the different ways water demand can be reduced.

Users are presented with focus areas to reduce water demand including urban water use, agricultural demand, water supply development, water recycling, lost water recovery and water storage.  With each category, users have the opportunity to select different ways of reducing water in that particular area of focus. With each category, users are provided with information on the impact and cost.

Towards the end of the challenge, users are presented with a series of questions in which they are asked to take a position, such as mandatory water restrictions, fines for overuse, water bond and water rates.  At the very end of the challenge, visitors are presented with a summary of their selected choices and their impacts.

The challenge is an opportunity for the online community to engage in deeper conversations on the different strategies that can be taken to conserve water. And further than conversations, the challenge is a way for community members to make physical changes.

Get your challenge on! Visit www.cawaterchallenge.org