Pico Rivera Profile February 1, 2011

Water Conservation Projects Complete

Water Conservation Projects CompleteWork on two major water conservation infrastructure projects within Pico Rivera – Phase I of the Southwest Water Reliability Project (SWRP) and the San Gabriel River Coastal Spreading Grounds Pump Station Pipeline – is now complete.

SWRP is a reclaimed/recycled water pipeline constructed by the Central Basin Municipal Water District. The project helps conserve the region’s drinking water by delivering recycled water for landscape irrigation and industrial uses. Phase I, which began construction early last year, runs for approximately 6.7 miles along Beverly Boulevard in Pico Rivera and Montebello.

One of the first areas to be irrigated using recycled water delivered by the SWRP will be the new landscaped medians currently under construction along Beverly Boulevard from the west City limits to San Gabriel River Parkway. Using recycled water for landscape irrigation and industrial uses instead of drinking water is an important part of Central Basin’s water conservation plan. Statewide, the goal is to reduce daily water use 20% by the year 2020.

Also nearing completion is the Spreading Grounds Pump Station Pipeline along Mines Avenue. Built in partnership with the City, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, the Flood Control District and the Southern California Water Replenishment District, this project will allow for the transfer of water between the San Gabriel River and the Rio Hondo Spreading Grounds. A Central Basin recycled water pipeline has also been installed alongside the transfer pipeline for future use.

The Pump Station Pipeline is important because it makes it possible to capture as much local storm water runoff as possible and transfer it to the spreading grounds where it can “recharge” local groundwater sources. Groundwater is an important source of drinking water for Pico Rivera and surrounding communities.

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