Adapting to Climate Change

Recently, a group of scientists gathered together to share findings on the importance of groundwater supplies and how it is key to coping with climate change.  We couldn’t agree more and it’s all been heard it before – groundwater is vital to our water supply, now more so than ever.  Managing groundwater basins is an important component towards adapting to climate change.

Not only is our region facing climate change, we’re also experiencing population increase, reductions in water supply and regulatory requirements, which have made water from the northern California Delta less reliable.

Since February 2011, Central Basin has been working closely with stakeholders on a draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) of the Central Groundwater Basin to preserve and protect a vast amount of water supply for the region and knowing true conditions of the Basin will help to understand issues that may threaten its health.  Working together towards development of a groundwater storage plan is one of the most cost effective ways to preserve and ensure safe and reliable water supply for years to come.