Army Corps: Condition of Many Levees a Mystery

Jones Tract Levee 2004

The Aquafornia blog today posted a couple fascinating articles on how for the most part, the condition of our nation’s levees are unknown. Managing this data is the job of the Army Corps of Engineers, a federal agency that is admittedly struggling to get their “arms around this issue”–an issue that couldn’t be more pressing than in California. To see the full Aquafornia blog post, click here.

From the Associated Press and Forbes Magazine:

Across America, earthen flood levees protect big cities and small towns, wealthy suburbs and rich farmland. But the Army Corps of Engineers, the federal agency that oversees levees, lacks an inventory of thousands of them and has no idea of their condition, the corps’ chief levee expert told The Associated Press.The uncertainty, amid an unusually wet spring that has already caused significant flooding across many states, is creating worry even within the corps. “We have to get our arms around this issue and understand how many levees there are in the country, who’s watching over them, what populations and properties are behind them,” Eric Halpin, the corps’ special assistant for dam and levee safety, said in an interview last month. “What is the risk posed to the public?”

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